Industrial & Software

  Business Partners – Industrial
  • Print and apply systems from Webber Germany
  • Continuous ink jet printers from Hitachi of Japan (Exclusive for KSA)
  • Case coder from Alpha Dot of UK (Exclusive for KSA)
  • Large character printers from Rea-Jet of Germany (Exclusive for KSA)
  • Light industrial scales from Ohaus Switzerland (Exclusive for KSA)
  Business Partner - Software
  • Retail Pro - The company is headquartered in Folsom, California and has offices in the United States, Latin America, the United Kingdom, China and Australia.
  • Software Solutions – In House Development
  • Warehouse Management
  • Resturant management application with Hand Held module
  • RFID Application
  • Hand Held Device Applications
  • Web based Report and BI