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Printechs is established in the year 2002 to be a leading marketing company who focuses on industrial and retail equipments. Since the inception we have been endeavoring to offer quality products to the customers whose requirement grow and vary with the contemporary technology advancement. We are proud to offer solutions powered by the technology from industry leaders around the globe.

We offer Complete Solutions For Printing MRP, Batch Code, Lot Number, Barcodes & More. Contact Us! We Are the Manufacturer Of High Quality & Advanced Technology Industrial Printers. Brands: Hitachi, Reajet, Meenjet.  We also offer all kind of Industrial, Retail machineries and equipments.  Moverover, we also do ERP, POS, Resturent and Mobile Solutions.

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We have a reputation for quality and innovative service that we earn every business day since we began in 2002. Printechs gives its channel partners a competitive edge by supplying high-quality products at a fair and competitive price. We are operating or business as three different divisions, which are Industrial Solutions, Retail Solutions and Software Solutions.

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