Dotjet Singlehead Thermal-Jet coder DJ45x HE With 7" touch screen

The DJ45plus is an advanced version of the DJ45x, with full functions of the DJ45x. Based on the DJ45x, it further expands the capability of data printing and printer control from an external device, such as data printing received through communication interfaces like RS232, USB, and Ethernet. Printing control by protocol commands. Receive the print file, data, and image remotely from a central PC. Printer screen can be monitored and operated through wifi, MySQL database printing..etc., it performs versatile functions to apply in a wide range of coding and marking applications.

Item Code: IND.SYS.DOT.3500


Dotjet TIJ printers offer an impressive combination of functionality, simplicity, and compact design based on the core consideration of high printing quality and ease of use.

Three models of Dotjet TIJ printers were developed for different demand levels: The DJ1 was designed with a simple but robust structure for cost saving to apply basic coding and marking. The DJ45x satisfies most inkjet coding needs with user-friendly operation interface. Further, The DJ45plus is a versatile printer which performs excellently for advanced inkjet applications.

Dotjet TIJ printers are ideal solutions for a wide range of coding and marking applications. Explore the worlds of Dotjet TIJ printers to find a proper solution for your customers.

  • Multiple Communication Interfaces
  • Remote Control
  • Automating Database Printing
  • Printing Data Collection
  • Bulk Ink Supply.
  • Printing via internet connection.

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